Northwest Washington

In the far NW corner of Washington State, A Rocha is partnering with local conservation organizations, agencies, churches and community groups to:

  • Learn about and care for our watersheds
  • Strengthen our local food systems
  • Protect habitats and species

Fishtrap and Bertrand Creek Community Watershed Project: In the heart of salmon country, A Rocha is working to connect people to the water that flows all around them. We do that by assessing water quality, monitoring wildlife populations that depend on it, restoring streams and wetlands, and teaching people about the incredible spawning salmon swimming through their backyards.

Five Loaves Farm: At A Rocha’s community gardens, we grow healthy, organic produce for people in need and help others grow their own food. In 2011, we grew more than 8,000 pounds of produce at our two food-bank farms. And some 60 families are growing their own food at gardens A Rocha organized. In addition, A Rocha started the Lynden Farmers Market in 2011 to help promote local food systems

Conservation Science: There is always more to learn about this unique and beautiful planet called Earth. To facilitate that learning, A Rocha conducts several ecological studies throughout the area. In one study, we constructed and are monitoring nest boxes for American kestrels to help control pest predation of local blueberry crops. In another, A Rocha is studying the composition, diversity and history of an old-growth forest remnant in Berthusen Park.

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Watch this short film about Five Loaves Farm in Northwest Washington



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