Thank you for your donation!

When giving to Casa Adobe, you are participating in the restoration of broken relationships in the context of our watershed. Please visit our website for more news and updates

Through the Casa Cuenca project, Asociación Casa Adobe creates spaces to promote the simple yet challenging call to be good neighbors to both people and the environment. This means that with your contribution, you are helping us:

  • Reforest degraded areas in urban spaces with potential for wildlife.
  • Implement citizen science activities with young people and adults.
  • Provide environmental education and promote changes towards sustainable lifestyles.
  • Foster contextual and integral theological reflection.
  • Engage in scientific research.
  • Establish intercultural dialogue for mutual learning and strengthening relationships among people from different backgrounds.
  • Generate opportunities for access to educational improvements for children in socially deprived contexts.
  • Strengthen relationships among community-based organizations towards the common good.

We believe that all forms of life, regardless of their specific backgrounds, have the right to healthy interactions with one another, and we are delighted to serve this purpose. This would not be possible without your collaboration. Truly, thank you very much.