Living God's Call to Care for Creation
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A Rocha USA is helping Christians and churches recover our biblical calling as caretakers of God’s good but groaning world. We do this through:


Community-based, environmental conservation projects in Texas and Florida

Creation care programs and resources for individuals and churches across the US

Strategic partnerships with a diverse range of conservation and faith-based organizations

Give where needed most


This is God's world.

And it was made to flourish.

As God’s image-bearers within the community of creation, humans are uniquely called to the holy work of earthkeeping.

At a time of growing despair and paralysis, A Rocha is changing the way people treat the earth. We are nurturing community and hope through restoring both people and places.

Check out this video to learn more about how we’re living this out.

A Rocha was made for a time such as this!

In a time of growing social-ecological challenges, we have too often neglected our biblical calling to care for creation. Christians are the largest faith community in the U.S., but we are also known as being among the least supportive of environmental action.

For the past forty years, A Rocha organizations have been pioneering faith-based conservation projects around the world. We’re all about DOING creation care, and our hands-on initiatives are motivated by our Christian faith, guided by rigorous science and theology, and rooted in our diverse communities.

News and Stories from A Rocha

A Rocha Interns (Michaela Stenerson, Madeline Padgett, and Noah Guthrie) at Trailhead of Stenis Tract_April 2024_Taken by Veronica Godoy

Farewell Interns

The changing of seasons can symbolize new beginnings. That is certainly the case for our latest Conservation Inter ...

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