Conservation Projects

A Rocha has been active in the USA since 2001 with projects at multiple locations across the country over the years. Currently, we have long-term conservation projects in Texas (Austin area) and Florida (Space Coast area). Our conservation projects are varied and diverse, like the ecology of the places we serve, but what defines them all are A Rocha’s 5 commitments: Christian, Conservation, Community, Cultural Diversity, and Collaboration.

What do we mean by "conservation"?

Our conservation projects are long-term commitments to be part of protecting and restoring particular places and communities across the United States. We refer to “conservation” in a holistic and integrated way, in line with related terms such as “earthkeeping” and “creation care.” This involves caring for all life, both human and other-than human, along with the earth that we depend on for our mutual survival and flourishing.

This approach to conservation is shaped by local context and includes habitat restoration, sustainable livelihoods, invasive species management, scientific research and monitoring, environmental education, regenerative agriculture, taking climate action, and more.

Our Conservation Results

Transformed attitudes

toward creation

Transformed behaviors

toward creation

Mutual flourishing

of people and places

Our Conservation Projects

Our projects in Texas and Florida are where we live out our mission through long-term, community-based, scientifically-informed action.

Austin, TX | Bull Creek Watershed
Titusville, FL | Indian River Lagoon
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