Nashville Conservation Coordinator

Noah Guthrie

Nashville Conservation Coordinator

Noah bolsters A Rocha USA’s work in Nashville by supporting the Churches of Restoration program. This involves communicating with members of the Nashville congregational cohort and facilitating their involvement in creation care activities of their own choosing, like church energy audits, teaching with A Rocha’s Wild Wonder VBS curriculum, adopting creation-orientated liturgies, and getting involved in habitat restoration.

He also crafts A Rocha USA’s newsletters, curates its blog, and provides support for our communications team. In all his work, Noah strives to cultivate a rebirth in environmental consciousness, in the hope that American churches might unite in advocating for future generations of all God’s creatures.

Noah brings his background in creative writing, his habitat restoration experience with A Rocha Canada and A Rocha USA, and his passion for eco-theology. When he isn’t working, you might find him doing vinyasas or enjoying an outdoor walk with one of his four siblings.

Thank you for your support of our Nashville Conservation Coordinator!

From Rev. Dr. Ben Lowe

Thank you for considering supporting Noah Guthrie in this key role with us! Noah distinguished himself as a 2023-24 conservation intern and made valuable contributions in both field work and communications. This new role will enable Noah to continue growing into his vocational calling while helping our church/community partners start and grow creation care initiatives in the Nashville area.
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