Strategic Partnerships

We collaborate with other groups and organizations through strategic partnerships at the local, national, and international level.

Church Partners

We are grateful for the growing network of Church Partners who support our mission to live out God’s call to care for creation and equip others to do likewise.

Church Partners learn and engage in care for God’s creation in their own context, and provide vital support to our conservation projects and programs by donating to A Rocha USA as part of their mission and outreach. 

If your church is interested in becoming an A Rocha USA Church Partner, click the button to learn more.

Local Partners

Our Conservation Projects partner with local groups and agencies to accomplish more together. Learn more about our local partners in Texas and Florida.

National Partners

We collaborate with organizations on a national level involved in similar work to mutually develop programs and resources, including:

Global Partners

A Rocha was founded in 1983 as a Field Study Center and Bird Observatory in Southern Portugal. We now have a presence on six continents, with organizations in over 20 countries, and a network of friends in many more. 

Under the A Rocha Worldwide Covenant, we seek opportunities to work together to increase our conservation impact. Also, we grow our geographical reach, engage youth and young people in our work, and strengthen our engagement with Christian communities.

The A Rocha Commitment to Creation Care outlines the biblical basis of all our work. All A Rocha organizations share five core commitments, including a commitment to collaboration. 

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