Happy Easter

The green blade that we have been waiting for, in faith and hope, has emerged!

I love Easter, because it signifies the start of “the rest of the story”. After Christmas we learn the story of Jesus, of His life and teachings, but after Easter we learn of the Risen Jesus, the beginning of the Church, and the story that reaches all the way to us – and beyond.

Easter means that we are now part of the story, and that we have an active role to play in God’s unfolding work. So, the question arises, just like the green blade: what is our role, now, in light of the Resurrection? How do we nurture what God has made and set in motion? How do we look after that tiny green blade and allow it to reach its full potential?

As a symbol of God’s entire creation, that tiny green blade of grass is much like the first seedling emerging in a garden, a window box, or a vast field. Whatever is in your corner of the world, wherever it is, we at A Rocha believe that you’ve been given a sacred opportunity to nurture it.

For some of the ways we have already started this work or ways that you can get involved, see A Rocha’s projects here. For more background on why we see our role as carers for creation as part of God’s plan, look for theology and other reading here. We are also excited this year to share our new curriculum for Creation Care Camp, Wild Wonder. Sharing God’s creation with our children is one way we – and they – can respond to the gift of Easter, and all of God’s gifts, with wonder and hope.

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