Why We Need Bugs in Church

By Carol O’Casey

It’s not everyday insects are welcome in church.  Sinners yes, but creepy-crawly bugs? Not likely.So imagine my joy when I was asked to teach a lesson on bugs in children’s church. I love bugs. Bugs—in all their glorious wonder–can reveal the fingerprints of the Master.Don’t believe me? The praying mantis has an ear on its abdomen that can detect the wings of an incoming bat. Butterflies have minute scales that reflect light in iridescent hues.  Dragonfly eyes have 30,000 facets  that give them “global” sight. That’s so God.But would bugs preach? I was about to find out.Loaded down with microscope, moths and a praying mantis,  I marched into church.  And no one kicked me out.In fact they asked me to stay. Even adults wanted a peek at the praying mantis ear.I love my church. High Lakes Christian Church is a body of believers that delights in God by reading from both of His books:

God has, in fact, written two books, not just one. Of course, we are all familiar with the first book he wrote, namely Scripture. But he has written a second book called creation.  Francis Bacon

Frankly, if I had my way, we’d ditch the churchy building and hold worship in the wild every Sunday.I know, I know, it’s not practical—no coffee and no chairs. And winter’s blast can cast a blanket of snow on nature’s stage.But this summer we worshipped indoors–and out. Our Sunday school team taught about the awe and wonder of creation using A Rocha’s Creation Care Camp curriculum as a template. Adults learned too. Through a ministry called Wonder Walks, we gathered Sunday nights to meet God in the cathedral of the wilds. We opened the book of creation and stepped into the pages of nature.The camaraderie was great. The wonder was wild.And slowly but surely, we discovered more about God, nature and ourselves through His creation.

As Dragonflies darted over the lake, we considered their aquatic larval form and their remarkable transformation into aerial acrobats. The metamorphosis of a dragonfly mirrors our own. Over time, God is transforming each of us into his likeness.


Under an eagle’s nest, we watched an eagle stretch and test and its wings, preparing for its initial flight, and considered how all of us, through God’s power, have the ability to soar in life–on wings like eagles.

Photo by Rob Harrison
Photo by Rob Harrison

In a meadow, we peeled back the petals of a Bog orchid, and saw first-hand how God cares for the Bog orchids of the wild, with their remarkable sticky pollen packets ready for transfer by a pollinator–like the lowly mosquito.

Exploring the world of the Bog Candle
Exploring the world of the Bog Candle

So take a walk on the wild side. Put on your HD (Holy Dimension glasses and see how God demonstrates his creative genius of creation in bold, living color on the big outdoor screen.

Creation is part of a song, part of a bigger symphony of worship, given to us to know and care for.  Peter Harris

Let’s celebrate that– join the symphony and Get Involved.

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