A Year to Remember: A Rocha’s 40th Anniversary Highlights

40 is a number of spiritual importance throughout the Bible, associated with periods of testing, preparation, transition and renewal. As A Rocha’s 40th anniversary year comes to a close, we cannot help but reflect on the significance of this milestone and appreciate the foundation on which we now firmly find ourselves. Thank you to all who have faithfully walked with us this last year, either here at home with A Rocha USA, or internationally with our worldwide A Rocha family. Perhaps you are new to A Rocha, or perhaps you have been with us since the beginning. In either case, you have a place at the table and we’re grateful you’re here.

From gatherings in Texas to anniversary parties with old friends at Cruzinha – it has been a whirlwind of a year, in the best possible way! In case you missed it, we wanted to share some of the highlights of A Rocha’s 40th year and ways you can still join us in this joyous and commemorative time. See some of the highlights from A Rocha’s 40th anniversary below:

From the A Rocha worldwide family: 

Picnics en el Arroyo, photos by Hannah Mae Henry

At home here in the states, A Rocha USA: 

  • Appointed a new Executive Director, Ben Lowe. Meet Ben.
  • Expanded our monthly donor program, A Rocha USA Sustainer
  • Relaunched Love Your Place as a free digital community for creation care inspiration and action — currently with more than 360 members
  • Celebrated one year of our program, Picnics en el Arroyo in Central Texas, reaching 180 participants from spanish speaking families
  • Finished the translation of Year One of our Wild Wonder curriculum in Spanish! Stay tuned for when Creación Maravillosa will be widely available in 2024.  
  • Completed the first year and welcomed our second year of interns in our Conservation and Community Engagement Internship program.  

Last, but not least – A Rocha USA’s New Season for Creation Care campaign continues through to the end of the year. Thank you for helping us make this a year to remember for A Rocha USA and our worldwide A Rocha family.

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